Ad Strategies for Publishers

We provide publishers with solutions, expertise and support to better engage their audiences and maximize revenue.

Advertising Management

As a Google Channel Partner with a robust header bidding network, our platform maximies competition for each ad impression to increase revenue. Our solution is easy to implement and offers complete transparency.

Advertising Dashboard

Our analytics platform aggregates advertising revenue and displays the information in a detailed dashboard. At a glance, learn how your inventory is performing and make better business decisions.

Traffic Growth

Monitoring and analyzing your traffic is important and should be accompanied by a data management and SEO strategy to also grow your traffic. Some key considerations include bot management, proper data structure, tagging, cleaning, enhancement and localization.

Header Bidding

With Header Bidding, ad networks compete with one another to display ads on your available ad inventory space. Because you receive multiple bids for the same available ad impression, this helps to increase the final winning bid. Increased competition results in higher prices for your ad inventory. We make this competitive process happen with every available ad impression.

Dynamic Floor Pricing

Our advertising platform is always monitoring the ad market and calculates the best floor price for each ad. Set the floor price too high, and you risk a lower fill rate. If the floor price is set too low, the result can mean less revenue.

User Engagement

GDPR compliant personalization capabilities to customize user experience.

Advertising Analytics

  • Combine data from multiple sources in one platform for easy in-depth analysis
  • Key metrics include: cpm, ecpm, by country, device, ad partner, pageviews and date range
  • Evaluate the advertising performance of your website or app and make informed real-time business decisions
  • New features and improvements continually added
  • We can customize to fit the requirements of your environment

Grow Traffic and Users

There are many ways to grow your traffic and users by utilizing an effective data management and SEO strategy. More traffic results in more users and pageviews, leading to increased revenue. Leverage your existing content to its maximum potential.

Proper data structure and tagging of content will help users not only find your content but help guide them in finding new content. There are also ways to enhance your existing content and prepare it for use in new markets. At We take a wholistic approach to ad management, which goes above and beyond traditional platforms by offering services to better help our clients.

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Our Commitment

Our advertising management platform delivers increased revenue for Publishers (from top 1000 to new but growing websites).

Easy to Implement

Just a single JavaScript tag to implement in your site or app and off you go! No setup fees involved or configuration required on your end.

Google Channel Partner

We are a Google Channel Partner, recognized for our knowledge of digital advertising and Google products.

Ad formats

We support all IAB standard display and video formats across all devices (mobile, web, apps and desktop).

Quality Ads

We pay great attention to the ads displaying on your site or application. We comply with ads.txt anti-fraud project standards.

Ad Monitoring

Someone is always at the helm with 24/7 monitoring of our ad platform.

Our platform is directly connected with all global major DSPs which allows us to source the best ad campaigns, at the highest prices, at scale.

  • Google DoubleClick
  • Rubicon
  • PulsePoint
  • AppNexus
  • Criteo
  • Sovrn
  • Index exchange
  • RhythmOne
  • Oath / AOL
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