Strategies for your Digital Content

A content strategy consists of a defined plan for organizing and utilizing your digital content to achieve a specific outcome.

Below we list some of the topics you may encounter when evaluating a content management solution.

Content Type

One good starting point when doing an audit of your current content is to determine its type. It might be a combination of both structured (highly defined) and unstructured data with its own set of metadata. The types of content in your environment and how they interact is a critical component in determining which solutions best fit your business goals.

Metadata Management

Metadata can be described as data about your content data. Metadata is what provides information and context about other data. Managing your content metadata is an important part of content strategy.

Content Delivery

Delivering content to users is one of the last steps in a digital content strategy and an important one. Often, the success of a digital content strategy implementation will partially be determined by how well users consume your content.

Data Processing

Some of your organization's requirements may involve processing your data for a wide range of business purposes. Generally, you will process your data from one form to another useable form through a series of data processing tasks.


For content production, having a workflow in place is a key requirement for your digital content strategy. A well organized colloborative team environment with an easily managed workflow, will greatly enhance productivity.

Data Governance

Having the right tools in place to make sure your content adheres to policies and requirements specific to your organization's data governance standards is an important part of an overall content management strategy. We can help you implement the right solutions to address data security and privacy, quality of data, roles management, and data integrity.

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